Homage to
Joaquín Rodrigo

IGT Competition

The fascinating sound universe of "Aranjuéz" concerto's composer will resonate in the hands of our contestants.

Unfortunately, the IGT competition had to be postponed to January. The new registration deadline is now on 16.01.2023 and the final round will take place on 28.01.2023

On 19.11.2022 at 19:00 in the Tübingen Music School the guitarist and composer Alfonso Montes together with the guitar maker Vincente Carillo will present the guitar, which we will hand over to the 1st prize winner in January.

Jury members

Prof. Alfonso Montes, Jury president

Prof. Alfonso Montes

Jury president

Prof. Alfred Eickholt, Jury

Prof. Alfred Eickholt


Liying Zhu, Jury

Liying Zhu


Sponsors Competition