Manuel M. Ponce (1882 - 1948)

The Mexican composer Manuel María Ponce was in his youth a musical prodigy, he composed since the age of eight and began his music studies at the National Conservatory of Mexico. In 1904 he went to the Music School of Bologna, and from 1906 to 1908 he studied at the "Stern’schen Konservatorium" (now "Städtisches Konservatorium") in Berlin. After his return to Mexico, he taught until 1922 at the National Conservatory and was from 1925 to 1933 student of Paul Dukas in Paris.

Impressionism had an important impact on Ponce's musical work, making him one of the most prominent representatives of this important movement in Mexico, Ponce compositional skills also allowed him to engage in various other styles.

From 1923 until his death, he had an important friendship with the Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia. During these years Ponce composed a number of work for guitar: six sonatas, three cycles of variation, two suites, twenty-four preludes in all keys, one etude, two sonatinas, six short preludes, a sonata with harpsichord accompaniment, the Concert of the South with orchestral accompaniment and other pieces of music form a high level repertoire, which is interpreted today by guitarists from all over the world.

On his 70th death anniversary of this extraordinary composer is honored at the Internationalen Gitarrenfestivals Tübingen 2018.

Augusto Tec

Ponce Guitar Competition


Only category

Guitarists up to 25 years of age, any nationality except the first three places of Lauro Guitar Competition 2017.
The number of participants is limited.
Application deadline and videos reception 15th October 2018, there will be no extension.

Preliminary round

An unedited or post-produced video of the “6 Preludios Cortos“ von Manuel M. Ponce. Sent to the e-mail address:
The results will be published with anticipation.

Final (10.11.2018)

(maximum 20 mi.)
Free repertoire that includes a complete work, part of a Sonate or a part of work from Manuel M. Ponce.


1.-1500 € + a guitar notes set sponsored by Peermusic Classical
2.-750 €
3.-500 €


The jury is made up of together:

Prof. Alfonso Montes – (Vorsitz)Venezuela - Deutschland
Prof. Alfred EickholtDeutschland
Prof. Alexander-Sergei RamírezPeru – Deutschland

- Unforeseen events are resolved by the organizers and the jury
- By signing up, the conditions listed in this call will be accepted

Competition rules

  1. The pieces will be played from memory.
  2. The jury's decision is ultimate.
  3. The award ceremony will take place on 10th November 2018 in the last edition winner´s concert.
  4. Registration is subject to a fee of € 50, which will be to pay on the following account:
    Verein zur Förderung iberoamerikanischer Kultur e.V.
    Ponce Guitar Competition
    IBAN: DE42 6415 0020 0001 8029 08
  5. Registration deadline and video reception 15th October 2018.
  6. Expenditures for hotel, food, travel and transportation must be paid by the participants themselves.
  7. The organizers of the competition are allowed to record, distribute and reproduce each performance of the competition, without payment to competitors.
  8. Unforeseen events are solved by the organizers and the jury.
  9. With the registration the participants agree to the terms and conditions listed in this call.




Ais der zahlreichen Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern der Vorrunde, präsentieren wir Ihnen unsere Finalisten:

Bennet, RosieEngland
Ferreira, HugoPortugal
Park, JunghyunSouth Korea
Saric, MarkoSerbia
Schützmann, EmmaGermany3. Platz
Teeny, YuvalIsrael1. Platz
Themkumkwun, ChinnawatThailand2. Platz
Yu, YiuchiChina